About the Brewers

Home-brewers based in Kent, Washington and the Bronx, New York, the Sterr Bros brew their own in the hope of being able to make some delicious beer and wine. Brewing knowledge and experience is needed first, so they are constantly trying new combinations to come up with the perfect recipes.

The Sterr Brothers have a history in their family of home-brewing and winemaking. With ancestors hailing from Germany, they include one of the first vintners in the Portland, OR area (unfortunately his vineyard failed with the introduction of Prohibition). Their grandmother, from Germany, frequently made her own wine. Their mother as well has made her own wines and liqueurs.

They have drawn on all of this experience in their own brewing, which started in December of 2008. Attention to detail and an appreciation of all beers have helped their first attempts to come out nicely. Consistent brewing practices and improving technique will lead to even better results in the future.

Nate Sterr is an avid brewer with a love for variety. He enjoys creating many different kinds of beer and wine, and has been very successful in his brewing so far. He has learned much and hopes to gain more experience through practicing his skills, especially while trying new styles of beer and wine.

Brian Sterr is a little less orthodox, owing to his experience in Tanzania, where he made wine using bread yeast and didn't have the luxury of running water to thoroughly clean things and instead "let the alcohol kill anything" that might be growing in there. Now in the Bronx, New York, he has just started brewing again in 2012, after a 3 year gap.