Plum Wine VII


Posted by Nate

Saturday, September 23rd, 2023

Last Update: October 14, 2023

We had a very large plum harvest this year. Even after giving away numerous fresh plums and making lots of plum chips, canned plums, and pflaumenmus, I still had enough to make a new batch of wine.

Plum Wine VII

Fruit Wine – Kent, WA
5 Gallons
25 lbFresh Plums
10 lbSugar
1 TbspPectic Enzyme
5 tspYeast Nutrient
10 tspAcid Blend
6Campden Tablets
1.00 PacketCote des Blancs Wine Yest


Halved and pitted all of the plums and put into primary bucket. Added pectic enzyme, yeast nutrient, sugar, and water to reach about 5.5 gallons. Used an immersion blender to break up about 80-90% of the plums. Crushed and added the Campden tablets, then sealed with an airlock for 24 hours.

9-23-23: Put into primary bucket. Campden tablets added.

9-24-23: Measured TA at 0.3% so added acid blend to raise to 0.6%. OG measured at 1.110 giving a potential strength of 14.5% ABV. Pitched the yeast and sealed with an airlock.

10-14-23: Racked to secondary carboy, leaving behind about a gallon of fruit and yeast.


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