Raspberry Wine VII


Posted by Nate

Sunday, July 10th, 2022

Last Update: April 9, 2023

Raspberries are coming in strong this year. Time to make a new batch of wine.

Raspberry Wine VII

Fruit Wine – Kent, WA
5 Gallons
15 lbRaspberries, Frozen
10 lbSugar
1 packageCote des Blancs Wine Yeast
1 TbspPectic Enzyme
5 tspYeast Nutrient


Put semi-thawed fruit into primary bucket, rinsing out the freezer bags with a bit of water to get all of the juice. Added sugar and started adding hot water to thaw the fruit completely. Used a stick blender to break up the fruit for better fermentation. Waited for the must to reach a temperature of about 60 degrees Fahrenheit and then added the pectic enzyme, yeast nutrient, and yeast. Stirred the must, then sealed with an airlock.

7-10-22: Put into primary bucket. OG measured at 1.096 giving a potential strength of 12.6 %ABV.

7-24-22: Racked the wine into a 5-gallon carboy, leaving behind about a gallon of pulp and sediment.

4-9-23: Bottled into 48 12-ounce bottles. FG measured at 0.992 giving a final strength of 13.6 %ABV.


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