Blackberry Wine IV


Posted by Nate

Saturday, August 27th, 2022

Last Update: October 7, 2023

I decided to go blackberry picking and make a new batch of wine. After a few hours I had picked the 20 pounds I needed. The berries were the first of the season and not super ripe, but I think they should still give good flavor for the wine.

Blackberry Wine IV

5 Gallons
20.00 lbFresh blackberries
12.00 lbSugar
5Campden Tablets
5.00 tspAcid Blend
5.00 tspYeast nutrient
2.50 tspPectic enzyme
1.00 PacketCote des Blancs Wine Yeast


Put the fresh blackberries into primary bucket and added enough water to cover the berries, then used an immersion blender to break the berries into a thick slurry. Added the sugar, then tested the TA at 5%, so I added acid blend to bring it up to 6.5%. I put in the other additives and then added crushed Campden tablets and sealed the bucket.

8-27-22: Prepared wine in primary bucket. OG measured at 1.120 giving a potential alcohol of 15.8% ABV. Campden tablets added.

8-28-22: Pitched the yeast.

9-17-22: Racked wine to secondary carboy. I had to strain the last couple gallons and add the juice using a funnel because the blackberry seeds kept clogging my siphon hose. Left behind a little over a gallon of fruit pulp.

10-7-23: Bottled into 49 12-ounce bottles. FG measured at 0.998 giving a strength of 14.2% ABV.


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