Rhubarb Wine III


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Sunday, July 7th, 2013

Last Update: June 27, 2014

Another batch of rhubarb wine is in the mix, since the frozen rhubarb is bulky and taking up space in my freezer. Space I need so that I can freeze raspberries which are coming into season and soon plums as well. I’m making a recipe similar to the one I did last year, but with a little more rhubarb (10.5 pounds instead of 9 pounds for the same 3 gallon volume).

Rhubarb Wine III

Fruit Wine – Kent, WA
3 Gallons
10.5 lbFresh Rhubarb
5.00 lbSugar
1 packagePremier Cuvee Yeast
1.50 tspYeast Nutrient
2.00 tspPectic Enzyme
3Campden Tablets


Harvested and washed 10.5 pounds of fresh rhubarb. I then cut the rhubarb into half-inch pieces and froze them to help break down the cells for better sugar extraction.

7-7-13: Put frozen rhubarb into a 5-gallon bucket to thaw.

7-8-13: Rhubarb has thawed. I strained and lightly squeezed the rhubarb to collect the juice (about 3 quarts), which I put into my 3-gallon primary bucket with some Campden tablets and an airlock. The rhubarb pulp went back into the 5-gallon bucket with 5 pounds of sugar to extract the remaining juices.

7-9-13: Strained off the juice that was extracted (about a quart) into my primary bucket. I then covered the rhubarb with water (about a gallon) to let soak for one more day.

7-10-13: Strained off the liquid and squeezed the juice out of the rhubarb pulp, and put this into my primary bucket bringing the volume up to 2 gallons. I then rinsed the rhubarb with another gallon of water, and added this to my primary too. I measured the OG at 1.078, giving a potential alcohol of 10.3% ABV. Pitched the yeast and sealed the primary bucket with an airlock.

7-21-13: Racked the wine into 3 1-gallon carboys.

6-27-14: Bottled into 31 12-ounce bottles. FG measured at 0.992 giving a strength of 11.4 %ABV.


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