Vacation IPA


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Monday, June 25th, 2012

Last Update: June 25, 2012

Vacation IPA

5 Gallons, Extract – American Amber – Port Chester, NY
GrainsSteep at 155° F
1.00 lbCrystal 15030 minutes
1.00 lbCaraaroma30 minutes
1.00 lbMunton 2-Row30 minutes
1.00 lbWeyermann 2-Row30 minutes
ExtractTotal Boil Time
1.00 lbMunton’s Light DME60 minutes
3.30 lbMunton’s Light LME0 minutes
1.00 ozChinook (15.0% AA), pellet60 minutes
0.50 ozCascade (3.2% AA), pellet15 minutes
0.50 ozCascade (3.2% AA), pellet5 minutes
YeastCool wort to 80° F
1 packageWyeast 1007 German AlePitched from packet
4.50 ozPriming SugarBottling

I’m up in New York for some vacation time, staying with my brother Brian in NYC. We went up to my other brother’s house in Port Chester, NY to brew some beer. This will be the third beer brewed at his house this year. The previous two were a Belgian Blonde and an Amber. This will be an IPA style.


Activated the yeast packet. We then heated up 2 gallons of water to 160 F, then added our grains to steep for an hour. We turned off the heat and put the lid on while the grains did their magic. After steeping, we heated up our wort to a boil and dissolved the one pound of dry malt extract.

We started our boil timer for 60 minutes and added all of the Chinook hops for bittering. At the 15 minute mark we added half of the Cascade for flavor, and at 5 minutes added the remaining Cascade for aroma. We turned off the heat at 0 minutes, added the liquid malt extract to dissolve, and let the wort cool a bit. We then added the wort and some ice to the bucket and it cooled to 80 F. Measured the OG to be 1.046 at 80 F, so it was really 1.048. Lastly we pitched the yeast and put a lid on the bucket.

6-23-12: Put into primary. OG measured at 1.048 giving a potential strength of 6.0 %ABV. The airlock began bubbling within a few hours.


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