Soursop Wine


Posted by Brian

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

Last Update: June 26, 2012

Soursop Wine

Fruit Wine – Bronx, NY
3 Gallons


168 ozSoursop Nectar (13% Juice)
56 ozFrozen Soursop Pulp
4 lbsSugar
1/4 tspPectic Enzyme
1.00 PacketLavlin 71B-1122



Mixed frozen pulp with nectar until blended, then added to 3 gallon carboy. Dissolved sugar in water and topped off to 3 gallons. Added pectic enzyme. Measured OG at 1.110. Pitched the yeast.


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5 Comments on "Soursop Wine"

  1. avatar Kealahi says:

    How did it turn out? Would you do anything different? You didn’t add any yeast?

  2. avatar Nate says:

    Hi Kealahi,
    I was back in NY about a month ago and got to try some of this soursop wine that my brother still had left. It turned out pretty well, a bit of residual sweetness and no harsh aftertastes. We did use a packet of Lavlin 71B yeast with this batch of wine.

  3. avatar DWAINE TERRY says:

    You said your soursop wine had a bit of residual sweetness, is that what you wanted. I love soursop and cant wait to make some wine with it but I want it to be on the sweet side, because of that should I change the type of yeast?

  4. avatar Nate says:

    Hi Dwaine,

    I only had this once, and the sweetness was fairly light. My brother, who brewed this one, might know better. I would probably use the same type of yeast, but maybe add a little more sugar or do some back-sweetening before bottling to make it into a sweeter wine. Let me know how yours turns out.

  5. avatar Afri says:

    How many days of fermentation. what type of flavor did you end up with

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