Sierra Cascade Ale (BX)


Posted by Brian

Saturday, March 10th, 2012

Last Update: April 8, 2012

Sierra Cascade Ale (BX)

5.0 Gallons, Extract
GrainsSteep at 155° F
1.00 lbCrystal 60L30 minutes
ExtractTotal Boil Time
4.00 LbPale LME (Alexander’s Sun Country, Canned)63 minutes
3.00 LbLight Dry Malt Extract (Munton’s)63 minutes
1.00 ozPerle (8.0% AA), pellet60 minutes
1.00 ozCascade (6.0% AA), pellet18 minutes
1.00 ozCascade (6.0% AA), pellet5 minutes
1.00 ozCascade (6.0% AA), pelletDry hop into Secondary
YeastCool wort to 75° F
1 packageSafale American (US-05)Pitched from packet
4.50 oz (2.6 volumes)Priming SugarBottling

Looking around for beer recipes, decided what better place than our beer blog! Wanted to do some sort of hoppy pale ale, so this looked like a winner.


Put on a gallon of water, heated to 155ºF and steeped the crystal malt for 30 minutes. Added this to 2 gallons of water, rinsed the grains with a quart of hot water. Used the grains for Spent Grain Bread. When boiling, added liquid and dry malt extracts.

Brought the wort to a boil again and added Perle hops. At 18 minutes left, I added 1oz of Cascade, at 5min 1oz of Cascade again. Missed the time here and added with 2 minutes left, so I decided to run the boil for an extra 3 minutes for a total 63. After the full 63 minutes, I switched off the pot and put it into a cold water bath. Added ice, which brought it up to about 3.5 gallons and down to 70ºF. Awesome. Added some lukewarm cold water to bring it to 5.5 gallons. Pitched the yeast with the wort at 74ºF. Measured specific gravity to be 1.058. Transferred from bucket to carboy for primary fermentation.


Put into primary with an actual OG of 1.060.


Racked to secondary and added 1oz Cascade Hops for dry hopping.

3/24/12: Bottling

Racked to a bucket, passing the beer through a filter to keep the hops out. Measured FG to be 1.013 at 74ºF. Boiled some water with 4.5oz of corn dextrose. Added this to the beer. Bottled with bottling wand into 53 12oz bottles and capped them.


Cracked my first bottle open. Really liking this. The hops flavor comes out strong, but not too bitter. Definitely a piney flavor. The beer is crisp and refreshing, light-bodied, and does not really show its strength. Only thing I need to fix is there are little bits of hops at the bottom of the bottle. Well, that is probably because I just drank the 3/4 bottle that didn’t quite get full and I was sucking off the bottom of the carboy at that point. Overall, another win.


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  1. avatar Nate says:

    Sounds like it turned out nice. I like this beer, I need to brew a batch up soon. Great beer to drink in the summer time.

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