Raspberry Wine II


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Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

Last Update: December 16, 2012

Time for another batch of raspberry wine. We have been picking raspberries and storing them in the freezer, and I’m finally getting around to making wine today. I am going to try and make the same recipe I did for my very first batch of raspberry wine, which turned out great. I will simply be scaling it up to 5 gallons.

Raspberry Wine II

Fruit Wine – Kent, WA
5 Gallons
15 lbRaspberries, Frozen
8 lbSugar
1 packageCote des Blancs Wine Yeast
2.5 tspPectic Enzyme
5 tspYeast Nutrient


Put the berries in my brew pot and let them thaw out naturally over about 20 hours. In the morning I added some water to the pot and gently heated the berries to make sure they were completely thawed. I then used a hand mixer to break the berries up.

I put the berries in my primary bucket and added the sugar and water to reach my target of 1.090 at 5 gallons. This should produce a wine around 13% ABV which will be nice. I added pectic enzyme, yeast nutrient, and then pitched the yeast.

8-1-12: Put into primary bucket. OG measured at 1.090.

8-24-12: Strained the wine from pulp and racked to a secondary 5-gallon carboy. I ended up with just over 4 gallons of wine after the pulp was removed. SG measured at 0.996, giving a strength of 12.5%ABV.

12-16-12: Was going to rack this wine, but after a taste test it turned out to be pretty good already. I decided to bottle and let the bottles continue to age. Bottled 4 gallons of liquid. FG measured at 0.996 for a strength of 12.5% ABV.



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