Plum Melomel


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Friday, October 5th, 2012

Last Update: May 2, 2014

In an attempt to use up the rest of our plums, and protect against not having any plums next year like we had last year, I am making another 5 gallon batch of plum alcohol. This will be a melomel, and I think the plum and honey flavors will mix well together.

Plum Melomel

Melomel – Kent, WA
5 Gallons
15.00 lbFresh Plums
10.00 lbPure Clover Honey
1.00 TbspYeast nutrient
1.00 TbspPectic enzyme
1.00 PacketPremier Cuvee Wine Yeast


Rinsed all of the plums and removed any stems and all of the pits. I then roughly chopped the plums and put them in my primary bucket. I broke them up by vigorously stirring them with a large metal spoon for a few minutes. I heated a couple of gallons until the water was warm but not boiling. I added my honey and let it dissolve, and then poured this over the plums in the primary bucket.

Checked the OG, which turned out to be 1.090. I added my pectic enzyme and yeast nutrient, pitched the yeast, and attached a blow-off tube.

10-5-12: Put into primary bucket. OG measured at 1.090 giving an alcohol potential of 12.0% ABV.

11-15-12: Racked into 6-gallon carboy. There was roughly 1 gallon of pulp left behind in primary, giving 4 gallons of liquid. SG measured at 1.004.

1-20-13: Racked into 5-gallon carboy. SG measured at 1.004 giving a strength of 11.4% ABV. Tasted good on the front, with nice plum flavor, but harsh honey flavor in the finish. This will need to be aged for a while.

5-2-14: Well, this has been sitting in my brew room for some time now. A lack of clean bottles, forgetfulness, and the knowledge that meads/melomels do well with long periods of aging have all contributed to the fact that this has been in a carboy for a little over a year and a half. Bottled into 44 12-ounce bottles, FG measured at 0.997. Tasting revealed a great plum flavor with some residual sweetness, and a nice finish.


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