Strawberry Wine


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Saturday, September 17th, 2011

Last Update: April 29, 2012

I had wanted to make some strawberry wine earlier this summer when I saw them on sale at the local Valley Harvest, but by the time I went to go buy some they were all gone. Today I received some strawberries for free from a family friend, and I will now get to make this wine.

Strawberry Wine

2.5 Gallons
6.00 lbFresh Strawberries
5.00 lbSugar
1.00 tspPectic enzyme
3.00 TbspAcid Blend
2.00 TabletsCampden tablet
1.00 PacketCote des Blancs Wine Yeast


Removed the stems from the strawberries and then cut them in half and sliced them thinly. Once I had 6 pounds of sliced strawberries I put them in a cooking pot with about a gallon of water. I heated this up to 150 F to let it steep for 30 minutes. During this time I crushed up the strawberries with a potato masher which helped break them down and extract more of their juices.

When the 30 minutes was up, I added the strawberries to my primary bucket. I then added on gallon of cold water, bringing the total volume to just under 3 gallons (allowing roughly a gallon being lost to pulp and sediment when racking to secondary). I measured my sugar and added that next, stirring the must to dissolve the sugar. I took a reading and got an OG of 1.078, giving a potential strength of 11.3 %ABV. I added my pectic enzyme, acid blend, and yeast to the primary and then sealed it with a blow-off tube. I measured the acidity and it was 0.4%, so I added 3 tablespoons of acid blend to reach a TA of 0.7 %.

9-17-11: Put into primary. OG measured at 1.078.

9-27-11: Racked off of the fruit pulp into two one-gallon carboys and one half-gallon carboy. SG measured at 1.002 giving a strength of 10.4 %ABV.

4-29-12: Bottled into 22 12-ounce bottles. FG measured at 0.994 giving a strength of 11.1 %ABV.


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