Sierra Cascade II


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Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Last Update: July 29, 2011

Today we brewed a variation of our last Sierra Cascade Ale recipe. We added some more grains to this batch, had a slightly different malt extract, and used some new kinds of hops. We decided to keep the Cascade hops for dry hopping and aroma, but we used some Northern Brewer for a more distinctive flavor and Amarillo for bittering.

Sierra Cascade II

1 LbCrystal 40L
1 LbVictory
6 LbPilsner Extract
2 ozCascade (6.9% AA)
1 ozAmarillo (9.4% AA)
1 ozNorthern Brewer (8.0% AA)
1 packageWyeast 1272 American Ale II
1 TbspIrish Moss
3/4 cupPriming Sugar


Heated about 2.5 gallons of water to 160F and began steeping the grains for one hour, stirring the grains occasionally. After the hour was up, we rinsed the grains and removed them, then began heating up the wort. When the wort was close to boiling the malt extract was added and dissolved.

When the brew began to boil, at 60 minutes, we added the ounce of Amarillo hops for bittering. At 20 minutes we added .75 oz Norther Brewer and .25 oz Cascade for flavor, as well as some Irish Moss to help clarify the beer. At 10 minutes the final .25 oz N. Brewer and .75 oz Cascade went into the wort for aroma.

After the 60 minute boil, the beer was removed from the stove and strained into a bucket to remove the hops. Ice water was added to help cool the beer, and after sitting for a while the yeast was added.

Put into primary on 5-13-10. Original Gravity measured at 1.042 (5.5% potential alcohol) with 45.5 IBU. Will let this primary ferment for one week, then add 1 oz of Cascade dry hop when moving to secondary.

Racked to secondary carboy on 5-22-10 after 9 days in the primary. Added one ounce of Cascade hops for dry-hopping. Specific Gravity measured at 1.008. I also saved some of the yeast sediment from the primary, and I am going to try and make my next brew with this to see how well it works.

Bottled into 57 bottles on 5-28-10 after priming with 3/4 cup dextrose. Final Gravity was 1.006, making the %ABV 5.0.

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