Blackberry Wine


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Monday, August 30th, 2010

Last Update: February 14, 2011

Blackberries are in season now so I am making use of them. I have wanted to try this for a few months and now I finally get to, some nice blackberry wine. Two and a half hours of picking gave me twelve and a half pounds of berries. Here is the recipe I came up with, simple but should be tasty.

Blackberry Wine

2.5 Gallons
12.50 lbFresh blackberries, frozen
4.50 lbSugar
2.00 tspYeast nutrient
1.00 tspPectic enzyme
1.00 tspAcid Blend
3.00 TabletsCampden tablet
1.00 PacketCote des Blancs Wine Yeast


Cleaned all of the berries of debris after picking, and then the berries were frozen for a week or so until I could make the wine. To begin, I put all of the berries into my steam juicer, completely filling it up. I then turned on the heat and let it begin warming up, and then juiced the blackberries for a little over an hour. This yielded about 5 quarts of nice dark blackberry juice.

The blackberry juice was collected in my 3-gallon primary bucket. I added some ice and cold water to bring the temperature down to about 80 F. I then mixed in enough sugar to reach a starting point of 1.090-95, which happened to be 4.5 pounds of sugar, all of the sugar I had in my house at the time. After getting my desired gravity, I added the pectic enzyme, yeast nutrient, acid blend, and crushed Campden tablets.

8-30-10: Put into primary with Campden tablets. Original Gravity measured at 1.091. Will add yeast in 24 hours.

8-31-10: Added the dry wine yeast from the packet and stirred the must well.

9-7-10: SG measured at 1.006. Racked to 2 one-gallon carboys and 1 half-gallon carboy.

10-7-10: Racked off of the yeast and sediment. SG measured at 0.990, and I added about 10 ounces of water to top up the carboys after racking.

2-14-11: Bottled wine into 12-ounce bottles.


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