Black Beaut Porter


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Friday, June 11th, 2010

Last Update: July 29, 2011

Wanted to make a good porter, so we came up with a recipe for a Black Butte Porter clone, which we will call the Black Beaut. This beer should be a nice dark beer with some roasted malt characteristics and a smooth mouthfeel.

Black Beaut Porter

6 ozBlack Patent
6 ozChocolate
8 ozCrystal 10L
8 ozHoney Malt
8 ozCara-pils
4 ozRoasted Barley
7 LbLight Malt Extract
1 ozCascade (6.3% AA)
1 ozTettnanger (4.9% AA)
1 ozPerle (7.5% AA)
1 packageWyeast 1338 European Ale
1 tspIrish Moss
3/4 cupPriming Sugar


Heated about 2 gallons of water to 160F and began steeping the grains for one hour, stirring the grains frequently. After the hour was up, we rinsed the grains with half a gallon of fresh water and removed them, then began heating up the wort. The light malt extract was then dissolved in the wort next.

Once a boil was achieved, the Perle hops were added for bittering. After 30 minutes the Cascade hops were added for some aroma and flavor. At 15 minutes left the small bit of Irish Moss was added, hopefully to clear the beer a bit but not completely. With 5 minutes left the final ounce of Tettnanger hops was added for aroma.

Tasting the wort before adding too many of the hops revealed a very nice roasted flavor. There are hints of coffee and chocolate, with an aroma like brownies and biscuits. It will be a very tasty finished product I believe.

Put into primary o6-11-10. Original Gravity measured at 1.051 (6.7% potential alcohol) with 45.8 IBU. Will let this primary ferment for two weeks before racking to the secondary carboy.

Racked to secondary carboy 6-22-10. After 11 days of primary fermenting the gravity of the beer is measuring 1.023, so the yeast still has some work to do. The color is a very dark brown when going through the racking cane and tubing, but pretty black once it was all in the carboy. Smells of roasted malts and chocolate, and the beer has a coffee-like taste at this point, very pleasant. Will let this ferment in the secondary for a couple weeks.

Checked OG on 6-30-10, measured at 1.018, still some fermenting to do.

OG measured on 7-7-10 at 1.014.

Bottled on 7-10-10, adding 3/4 cup priming sugar for carbonation. Final gravity was 1.014, meaning the Black Beaut is 5% ABV. Filled up 61 12-ounce bottles, and will crack them open in a couple weeks and try them.

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