Gun Closet Kölsch Review


Posted by Nate

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

Last Update: August 19, 2010

After a long lagering process, our Gun Closet Kölsch is now finished and ready to be enjoyed. The beer pours a very nice yellow-gold color which is just cloudy enough not to see through the glass. This bottle was pretty carbonated and had a very nice head on the pour.

Gun Closet Kolsch, Poured

Gun Closet Kölsch, Poured

This beer smells a little sweet and very clean with a little acidity from the hops.

The Kölsch tastes great. It has a light feeling like a lager when you drink it, making it easy to drink and good for a hot day. It still maintains a lot the ale characteristics as well, which gives the beer quite a bit of flavor, especially some fruitier notes.

Gun Closet Kolsh, In The Sun

Gun Closet Kölsh, In The Sun

Its a good brew to have as it’s tasty and easy to have with a meal. I would like to make this type of beer or another recipe for a Kölsch again.


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