Frolf Amber Ale Review


Posted by Nate

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Last Update: August 19, 2010

The Frolf Amber Ale has chilled and is ready for the initial taste testing. This is the second beer I’ve made based off of Alaskan Amber, and it looks to have to have turned out as good, if not better, than the first.

Frolf Amber Ale - Poured Closeup

Frolf Amber Ale - Poured Closeup

The beer cleared up pretty quickly in the fermenting process and most of the sediment settled out. This quality has been maintained in the bottle, the beer remaining transparent and minimal sediment at the bottom.

The Frolf poured out a dark amber color, with only a little cloudiness coming at the end of the pour as a little sediment poured into the glass. There was only a quarter-inch of head on the pour, and this settled quickly leaving no lacing.

There is a almost fruity smell to the beer due to the hops. The malted grain can also be smelled readily from the glass.  Mouthfeel of the ale is smooth and light. There is a residual malty sweetness to the beer which is probably due to the use of Carapils, which added unfermentable dextrose to the wort. This sweetness is counteracted by the slightly bitter hops that creeps up on the tongue after drinking. The bitterness of the Frolf Amber Ale calculated out to be 31.4 IBU.

Frolf Amber Ale - Poured

Frolf Amber Ale - Poured

This beer turned out very well. It would be in my list of top three homebrews at the moment, along with the Dirty Lizard Amber Ale and the Beerksey. I think that the Alaskan Amber recipe is definitely a good clone to base a beer off of, and I am sure I will experiment with more variations of this brew in the future.


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