Apfelwein II


Posted by Nate

Monday, February 20th, 2012

Last Update: June 12, 2021

I decided to make another batch of the German Apfelwein recipe I have done before. It is a very simple recipe and was something easy for me to do over this three day weekend. I used plain white table sugar instead of brown sugar this time since I didn’t have much brown sugar on hand. I also used both apple juice and apple cider which might give it a bit more apple flavor (though the two looked very similar).

Apfelwein II

5 Gallons
2.50 GallonsApple Juice (no preservatives or additives, ascorbic acid okay)
2.50 GallonsApple Cider (no preservatives or additives, ascorbic acid okay)
2.00 lbSugar
1.00 PacketMontrachet Wine Yeast


Poured 1 gallon of apple juice into my 5-gallon carboy. I then mixed 1 gallon of apple juice with 1 pound of brown sugar and shook well to mix, then added this to the carboy. I repeated this step again with the second pound of brown sugar. I then one more gallon of the juice. I opened the yeast packet and pitched the yeast, then used the last gallon of apple juice to wash any yeast off the inner sides of the carboy. I measured the acidity, which turned out to be 0.33% TA, perhaps a little low, but I decided not to adjust and just to follow the original recipe.

2-20-12: Put into primary carboy, OG measured at 1.061 giving an alcohol potential of 8.2 %ABV.

8-24-12: Bottled. FG measured at 1.000 giving a strength of 8.2%ABV.


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