Gluttony Sorghum Ale Review


Posted by Nate

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

Last Update: August 19, 2010

Our gluten-free Sorghum Beer is ready to go. I tried a few about a week ago, but am a bit happier with the beer as it is today.

The sorghum brew pours a cloudy gold color. There is a lot of initial head on the beer, about 2 inches or so, which goes down in a minute. A small amount of sediment is also present at the bottom of the glass. We did filter this beer at least two times, so I wouldn’t have expected any sediment.


Sorghum Beer Bottled

Smells sweet and heavily of hops, without much else smell coming through.

Tastes like hops. This recipe called for 3.5 oz. of hops, which is the most we’ve but into a batch of beer so far. On top of that, 1 oz. of the hops was added at the end of boiling the wort, and 1 more oz. was added when we racked the beer from the primary to the secondary. So much dry-hopping definitely affected the taste.

Sorghum Beer Poured

Sorghum Beer Poured

When I first tasted the beer it had only been bottled for about a week. The hops were the only thing you could taste, and it was a bit overpowering to say the least. Very bitter without much else to balance out the palate. Drinking this beer now, about 2 weeks after bottling, it is apparent that the hops flavor has blended into the brew a bit. The hops remains the dominate flavor in the beer, but it seems to be a bit more mellow and a smoother drink.

For future reference, when making a beer like this one I would do a bit less dry-hopping, as this seems to dominate the flavor profile of the beer. With a little less hops in the mix, it would be easier to taste the sorghum and have a bit less bitterness.


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2 Comments on "Gluttony Sorghum Ale Review"

  1. avatar Nate says:

    Found a couple 22-ounce bottles of this brew while moving my brewing set-up from my dad’s to my mom’s house. It has 14 months since I last reviewed this beer, and I thought I would comment on how it has developed over time.

    As before there is lots of head on the pour. The color of the beer is also interesting. If poured without the sediment it has a clear golden color, but getting the sediment into the glass not only makes the beer cloudy as would be expected but also turns the color an almost gray-brown.

    The beer is still a bitter one. Part of this is due to the hops, but I am convinced that the sorghum itself adds a slightly bitter flavor to the drink as well. The flavors have melded together and the beer goes down pretty smoothly overall, but sorghum flavor is prominent and distinct. I wouldn’t say that sorghum has a bad flavor, just not what I expect or prefer when drinking a beer.

  2. avatar Lesaoana says:

    African beer should have that bitter element as it was not mend for female but lions of Africa. I said it coz even it my country, Lesotho, there are different traditional beer which look fine by mere looking. when tasting it, you will sense that bitterness.

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