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Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

Last Update: July 29, 2010

I decided to make another beer based off of Alaskan Amber since our first one we made turned out so well. I looked at a few clone recipes for Alaskan, and then came up with this recipe after seeing which ingredients I had available at the brew store. It is using Carapils, which is a specially malted to produce unfermentable dextrin, which will help with mouthfeel and foam stability in the final product. This beer is lovingly named after the sport which immediately followed the brew process.

Grains / Extract
7 LbLight Malt Extract
1 LbAmerican Two-Row
0.5 LbCrystal 40L
0.5 LbCrystal 60L
0.5 LbCarapils
1 ozTettenang (5.5% AA)
1 ozSaaz (7.7% AA)
1 packageWyeast 1338 European Ale
1 tspIrish Moss
1 tspBrewing Salts
3/4 cupPriming Sugar


Activated the yeast packet. Heated 3 gallons of water with brew salts to 155F. I added the grains to a grain bag, then steeped at 155F for 60 minutes, stirring frequently. I then removed the grain bag and rinsed it with a few cups of fresh water into the wort. The malt extract was added next and dissolved in the wort as it was heated to a slow boil.

I added 1 oz Tettenang hops at 60 minutes. I added 1 oz of Saaz at 15 minutes as well as the Irish Moss to clarify the beer. At 0 minutes I turned off the heat, strained the beer into our primary fermentation bucket. I added ice water to the wort to help cool it and let it sit until it reached room temperature. I then pitched the yeast and sealed the bucket and airlock.

Put into primary on 9-8-09. Original Gravity measured at 1.050 (6.62% potential alcohol). Bitterness calculated to be 34.5 IBU

Racked to carboy 9-22-09. Specific gravity measured at 1.025

Bottled into 57 bottles on 10-6-09. Final gravity measured at 1.01, meaning the %ABV of this brew is 5.3%.

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