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Monday, December 17th, 2007

Last Update: November 6, 2010

So I started making alcohol while abroad with the Peace Corps in Tanzania. The technique basically involved getting a bunch of fruit or other flavor providing substance, putting it in a five gallon bucket with five kilos of sugar, some baking yeast, and a little bit of tea (the tannins are supposed to mellow it out), and then closing the lid tightly and waiting for a few weeks. I made the following kinds of “wine” while in Tanzania.

Type of WineMadeFilteredBottledComments
MangoDec 2004Jan 2005
MangoJan 2005Feb 2005Entered in Septemberfest 2005
Soursop (Stafeli)Feb 2005Mar 2005
BananaMar 2005Mar 2005
Orange Peel7/3/057/26/05
Spiced Pumpkin8/7/058/21/05Entered in Septemberfest 2005
Tamarind (Ukwaju)8/13/058/25/0510/27/05Entered in Septemberfest 2005
Honey8/14/058/27/0510/27/05Entered in Septemberfest 2005
Cashewapple (Bibo)10/8/0511/8/0511/8/05100% Juice, no water added
Java Plum (zambarau)12/24/051/17/06Went bad
Baobab Fruit8/28/06Entered in Septemberfest 2006
Peanut8/28/06Entered in Septemberfest 2006
Mango Only2/13/073/12/074/8/07Filtered again on 8/4/07
Soursop & Water3/11/074/8/074/8/07
Of all of these, my favorite was, for sure, soursop. Makes a great wine. My friends and I were asked to write up the wine-making process for the Peace Corps Tanzania cookbook, drawing on our experience making wine and holding the annual Septemberfest Wine Festival.


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